Thank You!

Practice the art of saying “thank you.”

  • It reinforces to you and the other what is valuable to you.
  • It rewards the actions of another.  (gives them value)
  • It encourages another to continue to do good.
  • It teaches others to say thank you.
  • It takes away some of the ugly pride.  (requires some humility)

How to:

  • Make it specific:  “Thank you for helping me take out the garbage without being asked.”
  • Make it sincere:  “Learn to appreciate the things others do for you.”
  • Show the value: “It helps me spend more time on other house work.”
  • Share the result:  “It encourages me that you have learned to manage your life to get the mundane things done.  I think I will trust you with bigger things.”
  • Stop with the thanks:  Avoid following “thank you” with “but . . .”  Let the thanks do its’ work.   In other words . . . don’t water down the power of the thanks.  “Thank you for taking out the trash, but you should have done that months ago.”  “Thanks for washing the car, but you missed a spot.”

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