Rapid Dose of Mortality…

The earthquakes in Nepal are a huge tragedy. The story is still unfolding as we speak. One thousand, No, three thousand dead. Tens of thousands injured, displaced, or in shock.
I’m sure that the fine people of Nepal are struggling to see any good in this event. But if we take a look from the throne of The Creator, then maybe we see that some good can come of any tragedy.
We used to call a near miss accident a “rapid dose of mortality.”
Man gets complacent in the world, and begins to feel he has all the time in the universe to get his affairs in order.
An earthquake, tornado, or car accident may jolt us back to the reality of how short life is. It reminds us to seek fervently the things which really count….. our souls, the souls of our loved ones, and even our “enemies.”

I hurt for those suffering in Nepal and their families. I hurt more for those still living who will quickly forget the value of their soul salvation, and “chill” until the next big event.
I have heard that there are no atheists in foxholes. When in harms’ way, man will often reach out, even in desperation, to a creator he is not familiar with. Then when the danger is gone…. so is the reaching out.

Don’t wait for the next great tragedy to think about your soul and its’ condition.

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