Thank You!

Practice the art of saying “thank you.”

  • It reinforces to you and the other what is valuable to you.
  • It rewards the actions of another.  (gives them value)
  • It encourages another to continue to do good.
  • It teaches others to say thank you.
  • It takes away some of the ugly pride.  (requires some humility)

How to:

  • Make it specific:  “Thank you for helping me take out the garbage without being asked.”
  • Make it sincere:  “Learn to appreciate the things others do for you.”
  • Show the value: “It helps me spend more time on other house work.”
  • Share the result:  “It encourages me that you have learned to manage your life to get the mundane things done.  I think I will trust you with bigger things.”
  • Stop with the thanks:  Avoid following “thank you” with “but . . .”  Let the thanks do its’ work.   In other words . . . don’t water down the power of the thanks.  “Thank you for taking out the trash, but you should have done that months ago.”  “Thanks for washing the car, but you missed a spot.”

Saving Your Family

As a husband and a father, I have asked myself countlessly this question; “How can I save my family?”  I realize if you read this  and don’t currently consider yourself a “saved” soul that you might not understand the context.
Please allow me to introduce my concern.

I am a Christian.  Not how the media, Hollywood, or the government defines it, but by the example and pattern left in the Bible.  No clergy, no collars, statues, or burning incense.  But people who have heard what God has to say, seen how He chose to display it, and have decided to obey it so that I may have eternal purpose in my life and wait to receive the promise of eternal life with Him after He has used me up here.

I don’t “go to church.”  I assemble with those who believe and have obeyed like I did.  The purpose of the assembly is to worship God and encourage the other believers whom I consider family.  Brethren.

I have a job… but it is to obey the command that I take care of my family stewardship.   My real profession is to teach others The Truth and guard against error and sin with my spiritual family.

My real stewardship to my family is to make sure I provide the leadership for them to enjoy eternal life with God like I plan to.

Parts of this narrative will be to express some of the barriers to fulfilling my mission.  I have learned a lot in 36 years of marriage.  I have many experiences, failures, and victories to share.

I realize that many won’t believe as I do.  Please hear me out.  I’m not here to hate any one or put any person down.  I only want for you what I want for myself and my family… to not lose my soul in eternity to a punishment that really can’t be imagined.

Thanks for sticking around this far…..