Blessed are they that mourn.

“For they shall be comforted”    (don’t worry, I will get to the point)

Awareness is a key to any relationship.  We need to know each other.  What pushes your button or what triggers a negative emotion.  We don’t want to walk on eggshells in a relationship, so learning these things helps us to change our behavior to be in comfort with another.

Every relationship or group dynamic goes through phases as it grows.  Form, Storm, Norm, and Perform.  A couple gets together and starts getting to know each other.  Likes, dislikes, key words that cause frowns, etc.  Sometimes the learning process has some conflict involved.  (storming)

Once you know each other and have avoided behavior which is unpleasant to the other, or polished the stuff they like, you can reach an equilibrium and even work as a couple, better than the sum of two individuals.  (performing)

Hopefully, we have reached the norming or performing stage in our relationship with our God.  We no longer have to walk on eggshells, because through study of His Word and communicating with Him (prayer) we know what pleases Him and alter our behavior to conform to His will.

Sadly, many are still and will probably remain at the “forming” stage.  Many  have begun a relationship with Him, but have not invested in our knowledge of what He desires of our relationship.  Maybe there is no communication with Him.

Some have advanced to the “storming” phase and are struggling with changing their behavior to comply with His will.

Even those who are “performing” will occasionally fail.  This is when the relationship with our God is damaged by sin.  The “performing” christian will notice the damaged relationship and lament the loss of trust, then struggle to restore the relationship.

An example is Peter during Jesus’ trial.   As soon as the rooster crowed, he knew the relationship was damaged.  He wept bitterly.   Blessed are those who mourn…. Peter mourned over his failure.  He took it personally and immediately set out to fix it.

If we are able to sin and not really worry about it, then perhaps we have never cemented the relationship.  Possibly, still “forming.”

You can only sit on the edge so long.  Every relationship takes work and sacrifice. No different is our relationship to our God.

He lamented so much the relationship broken by the sin of man, that he sent His Son to make it right.  He has done His part.  Time for us to do ours.


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